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FAQ’s: Certification and Membership

Why should I join the American Academy of Thermology?

Here are 7 great reasons why for Physicians!

And 7 great reasons why for Technicians too.


What do I have to do to get certified?     The first thing to do is ask yourself if you have a medical grade IR Camera, or least have access to one.   If you are not yet that focused, there is no need to try to get certified.   If you are ready to do more however, than the next thing to do is join the AAT.   Everything required for member certification is much cheaper for members.   We advise everyone to read the link on the AAT Website titled “Certification Procedures“.    It will outline for you what to do based upon you level of training and expertise.


I am interested in doing a research study on medical thermology applications.  Can you help?  Absolutely!  Our staff and membership have an treasure chest of knowledge on how to perform medical thermology studies, how to avoid pitfalls, and what already has and has not been done. We even have a medical resident’s honorarium for those who have the best paper presentation at our Annual Scientific Session.  All you have to do is join the AAT and we will help you anyway we can. By the way, The AAT publishes free internationally peer reviewed Guidelines for Medical Thermology.  That’s a great way to start.  Here is the link.


Can you explain membership and the courses?   The AAT offers two levels of membership: Technicians and Physicians.  Only licensed physicians should apply for physician membership.  If you are not a physician you should apply to be a technician.  The cost of AAT membership is more than offset by savings on the cost of any of our courses and the Annual Scientific Session.  We even give you access to our group purchasing program as part of membership.  Here is the Benefits of Membership link on our web site for Technicians.  This link is for Physicians.  And here is the link to Join.


The AAT also has a wide range of on-line educational training programs.  We cover everything from getting started to physician interpretation.   The first step is to take the Technician’s Member Certification Qualification Course.   Even physicians should start with that.   From there, technicians can choose to apply for member certification.  Physician’s should progress to the Physician’s Member Certification Qualification Course.   From there, physicians can choose to apply for member certification as well.  Keep in mind that Member Certification shows an applicant’s commitment to education and training in Medical Thermal Imaging. For physician’s who desire to become proficient at writing and interpreting reports we also offer a Physician’s Interpretation Pre-course and a Physician’s Medical Thermology Interpretation Course.   Registration for each of these courses can be found on this link: Courses.


There are many other benefits of Membership including access to the AAT Atlas of Normals and Abnormals, The AAT Library, and reduced pricing for our Annual Scientific Session.  This is the premier medical thermology meeting in North America.   Learn more about this year’s program here:  Annual Meeting.


How do I renew my membership?

Membership renewal is easy!  Navigate to the Member Portal and log in.  If you have forgotten your password use the “Lost Password” link.  Once you have logged in, look at the menu on the right and choose ” Renew Your Membership”.   Remember, this will only work if your prior membership credentials are still active.  If it has been too long since your last renewal and the system will not let you renew then you will have to Email us  through the “Contact” link and ask for assistance.




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