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Medical Education Funding

The AAT has several programs available for the funding of Medical Thermology Education.  Medical Thermology indications range from complex, chronic pain, dysautonomia, domestic violence, breast risk assessment, oral-systemic disorders, and veterinary applications.

The AAT Medical Thermology Education Funding Programs are directed toward medical institutions, physicians, and universities that can help the AAT’s Mission of promulgating the role of thermology in medicine.

Funding programs available include:

The Bernton-Schakarashwili Residents Honorarium Fund. This honorarium includes funds to cover expenses to attend the AAT Annual Scientific Session and is awarded to the best medical scientific paper or poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Session by a medical resident, student or other similar applicant. The winning applicant is recognized each year at the Annual Meeting.

The Fight The Flame Medical Thermology Laboratory Fund. This fund was initiated by Elisabeth and Steven Stillitano and is intended to help offset the cost of starting a Medical Thermology Laboratory in a medical institution. It is earmarked for those medical institutions that have an alliance with, or particular interest in, neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

The AAT Medical Thermology Training Program. The American Academy of Thermology has committed to provide access to its medical training and education programs to organized medicine, including aligned institutions, that need assistance in medical thermology training, if the scope of their activities is within the Mission of the AAT and their activities will further the AAT’s Mission to promulgate Medical Thermology education.

In each instance certain restrictions may apply and are at the sole discretion of the AAT.

Interested parties should contact the AAT by Emailing



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