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Seven Reasons to Join the American Academy of Thermology

1. Raise Your Standard of Care

Get access to guidelines that address various areas of thermology including information on equipment, documentation, clinical use and practices. Current Guidelines include Neuromusculoskeletal Thermography, Breast Thermography, Veterinary Thermography, and Oral-Systemic disease. Learn how to elevate your reporting and clinical decision making. Become a recognized expert in the field and create distinction in your community.

2. Be On the Cutting Edge Of Medical Thermal Imaging

Receive newsletters and Email blasts regarding the newest applications and innovations in the field. Broaden your base of support through networking opportunities with other expert thermographers. Attend the AAT Annual Scientific Session, share clinical information and research studies results, and discuss collaborative comparative programs.

3. Become a Leader in the Field

Attend an on-line or in person Certification program as the first step toward earning a Certificate of Competency. Contribute to the future of thermology by taking an active role as a committee member and gain first hand access to Guideline writing and revisions. Help to create best practices that impact clinical care.

4. Expand your Scope of Practice

The AAT brings you Medical Thermal Imaging indications that can expand your scope of practice. Learn new applications that will attract patient populations and broaden your ability to validate complaints. Gain insight into the interpretation of abnormal thermal imaging results and learn how to offer different diagnostic and treatment paradigms that will help your patients. Join the forefront of clinical thinking for otherwise difficult to treat patient populations.

5. Professional Resources and Marketing Assistance

Obtain access to personalized in house professional marketing services, listings on the AAT Member Locator Zip Code Sorter, and gain access to our comprehensive Members Only Resource Library. The AAT Atlas of Medical Conditions is a unique resource that lets members go on line to see peer-reviewed case reports of normal and abnormal pathology so that you know what to look for and what findings mean. Take advantage of our marketing and promotion approaches and social media resources.

6. Improve Patient Outcomes

Whether it be for chronic pain conditions, breast health risk assessment, dental-oral conditions, systemic disease, veterinary applications, or newer indications such as domestic violence when complaints are validated patient satisfaction improves and options for care are enhanced. Medical Thermal imaging has a unique ability to validate abnormalities in complex physiology that is not available from any other risk assessment or diagnostic tool.

7. Protect Yourself and Do It Right

Enjoy technical assistance on proper study acquisition procedures, reporting and archiving, thermographic applications, thermography lab and office operations, safety, operational efficiencies, and quality assurance. Members who follow AAT Guidelines can garner support from leadership in the field of Medical Thermal imaging if and when concerns arise.

Enjoy Education And Training Course Member Discounts

Attend AAT sponsored and affiliated member education and member certification qualification training courses that provide techniques, applications, and reviews of the latest technology and equipment. Non-Members pay more for all AAT courses and Scientific Sessions and cannot apply for AAT Member Certification.

The AAT Is Your Official Voice

AAT is recognized as the premier organization representing thermology professionals in medicine. On a regular basis, AAT issues formal position statements on relevant topics, including thermology practice guidelines, safety, training, and other thermographic-related issues.. By becoming an AAT member you help us be the voice of medical thermography to third parties. Join Today!



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