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Certification Procedures

AAT Member Certification is an important step in advancing through levels of Academy Membership. AAT Member Certification shows an applicant’s commitment to education and training in Medical Thermal Imaging. Successfully completing all of the components of an AAT Member Certification program means that the candidate has met the AAT member certification requirements and has demonstrated the minimum necessary skills for the clinical administration of Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging, and the knowledge base needed to articulate the pathophysiology under study. Higher levels of accomplishment are achieved by completing the AAT Physician Thermography Interpretation course, and through gaining Senior Member or Fellow Status, (certification is a pre requisite for each).

Technicians can obtain a copy of the Technician’s POST  Test by logging into the Member’s Portal and then navigating to the Knowledge Center.

If you are not certain what images are required for your submission then log into the Member’s Portal and then navigate to the Knowledge Center.  Sample protocols can be found there.

If you need one on one assistance to help you through the process,  call or Email us. *Additional fees may apply for personalized assistance.

Member Certification Qualification Courses

AAT Member Certification Qualification courses are open to both members and non-members however only AAT members can be recognized as having been certified by AAT. Certification is possible within any category of AAT membership. Upon completion of an AAT Member Certification Qualification Course all post course requirements must be met by the applicant in order to obtain member certification. In addition to passing post course testing, a summary of the certification criterion are listed below. Competence in interpretation and clinical management is required commensurate with the applicant’s level of licensure. The classification of AAT Certified Member for technologists is also available for those who are not responsible for clinical management.

The AAT conducts AAT Member Certification Programs on both an individually pre-arranged basis and in conjunction with other regularly scheduled meetings.  Individuals or small groups, who want to arrange for an AAT Member Certification Qualification Course, or who want to to take a self directed on-line course, should view current course offerings at  Interested parties are also encouraged to contact the AAT at

AAT Member Certification Requirements

  1. Good Standing membership in AAT for at least 1 year.*  Alternative demonstration of training and experience will be considered on an individual basis. While anyone may attend an AAT Member Certification Course the AAT will not issue AAT Certification status to non-members.
  2. Attendance at least 1 AAT sanctioned meeting or training course.
  3. Demonstration of competency in core curricula relevant to the field of Medical Thermal Imaging by written or oral examination.
  4. Familiarity with content of at least three medical thermology text books (the texts must be acceptable to AAT).
  5. Demonstration of ability to read thermal imaging studies via case submission or direct oral examination (Technicians are required to submit completed studies; Physicians must also submit narrative reports).
  6. AAT will take individual consideration into account with respect to teaching and publication criteria for demonstrated professional leadership in the field of Medical Thermal Imaging.

*New members may apply for a one year Provisional Certification. Come January 1st of the following calendar year the candidate must apply for  three year certification as their provisional status will have expired. Submission of new  studies may be required at the discretion of the candidate’s sponsor and will be determined on an individual basis.

Note: Member Certification is time limited to three years after which re-certification must occur.

AAT Member Re-certification Requirements

After successfully obtaining AAT member certification there are requirements for ongoing Certification Maintenance. Every three years from the first day of the year of initial certification, members are required to apply for re-certification and fulfill certification maintenance requirements . These requirements include:

  1. Membership in Good Standing of AAT on an annual basis.
  2. Attendance at an AAT sanctioned meeting at least once during each three year period.
  3. Evidence of continued interest or practice in Medical Thermal Imaging.
  4. Submission of at least one publication to a professionally relevant journal or equivalent.
  5. Demonstration of lecture or other equivalent teaching methodology.
  6. AAT will take individual consideration into account with respect to teaching and publication criteria for demonstrated professional leadership in the field of Medical thermal Imaging.

Note: Senior and Fellow Members are not required to undergo re-certification.

Download the Member Re-certification application here.

Payment instructions are detailed in the application.

Member Certification Application Process

AAT Members who successfully complete an AAT Member Certification Qualification Course may apply for AAT Certification by completing the necessary application and submitting it to the AAT. Interested parties should provide proof of their current licensure (if applicable), a copy of their resume and photo, and provide either a letter of recommendation from a current AAT Board member or a Member Certification Course Director (in unusual cases the AAT will also consider two letters of recommendation from other AAT Senior Members and Fellows).

The Member Certification application and fee must also be submitted. Only Members can apply for Member Certification.   If you are not already a member you must submit the Membership Application and fee in addition to your Member Certification application.

Once a Membership Certification application has been submitted members will have ninety (90) days to complete their certification. Complete details can be found in the Certification Application however each submission should include at least three clinical cases to the applicants designated AAT sponsor, who will act as the applicants mentor during the application process.  Typically, your AAT Certification or  Physician Interpretation Course Director will serve as your sponsor, however if you need assistance in getting an AAT sponsor you should contact us for assistance.  Once your sponsor is satisfied with the quality of work submitted he/she will complete your letter of recommendation for Member Certification and forward it to the AAT Board for approval at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Regarding the three clinical case submissions, technicians only need to submit their thermal images.   Physician Member Certification candidates should also submit the corresponding interpretive reports.  In all instances submissions should be scrubbed of demographics and should be complaint with AAT Guidelines.  If any case is not complaint with AAT Guidelines then an explanation as to why non-compliance is necessary should accompany the case submission.  Applicants who fail to achieve certification after three attempts (a total of nine different case submissions) or within the 90 day window will have to re-apply.

Member Certification Types

Successful Member Certification Applicants find one of the following categories affixed to their certificate:

  • Physician (MD/DO)
  • Chiropractic
  • DVM Veterinarian
  • DDS, DMD
  • Licensed Non Physician Practitioner
  • Scope of Practice (specific verbiage as allowed by statue for that applicant)
  • Technician
  • Technician (Veterinarian)


Regardless of the entry into the AAT Member Certification application process, the new member applicant must submit a signed letter to the AAT with the following text:

“To whom it may concern: I, ____________, understand that the granting of AAT Member Certification is not the same as having achieved AAT Senior Member, Fellow Member, or Life Member status. By signing this letter I further agree to comply with the American Academy of Thermology’s Mission Statement, Bylaws, and Certification Policy and Procedures. I also agree that I will both fulfill the requirements needed to maintain AAT Member Certification status and that I will not falsely represent my AAT Certification credentials as having the rights and privileges of AAT Senior Member, Fellow, or Life Status”.

Additional Information

More detailed information concerning member certification, core course content, obtaining AAT Sanctioning for an AAT Member Certification Qualification Course, and alternative pathway AAT Member Certification can be obtained by downloading the AAT policies and Guidelines via the links below.

After achieving AAT Member Certification status, AAT members are eligible to seek Senior Member and then Fellow status. While Fellowship is the highest level of distinction an AAT member may achieve, Certification elevates a member’s standing within the organization no matter what their level of membership is. Members who successfully complete the certification process may designate their achievement as follows: AAT Certified Member.

Member Certification status begins on January 1st of the year in which Certification is obtained and lasts for three years from that date (renewal will be due after December 31st of the third calendar year).

Clarification of the Licensed Non Physician Practitioner and Scope of Practice Certification Types

The Licensed Non Physician Practitioner and Scope of Practice Certification categories are for practitioners who believe that their licensure is compatible with establishment of a clinical practice that is allowed to diagnose and treat human disease but is not otherwise listed under another category above.

Any application for certification under these categories is subject to acceptance or rejection at AAT’s sole discretion. If an individual is accepted for certification under either of these categories, certification does not grant licensure to perform or deliver any medical service, including interpretation of thermograms. Licensure and scope of practice for any non-physician practitioner is determined solely by the applicable licensing authority.

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to establish, to the satisfaction, of the AAT, that the clinician is eligible for this certification. The following language must be submitted along with a Licensed Non Physician Practitioner or a Scope of Practice Certification application:

“By submitting this application, I represent that I meet the criteria set forth above because (Please set forth your licensure and specifically include the relevant portion of your licensing statute and/or regulations that you believe establish your eligibility for certification under this classification):_________________________________.

and further, that I agree that:

a) The AAT shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not to accept my application for this category of certification, and that I further agree that I recognize that this determination is not subject to any appeal beyond a request for reconsideration which I may submit with additional data, and that request for reconsideration is also subject to acceptance or rejection by AAT at AAT’s sole discretion.

b) If I become certified, I recognize that certification does not grant any authority to perform any clinical activity, including interpretation of thermograms. I recognize, understand, and agree that my authority to perform any clinical activity is determined solely by my applicable licensing authority.”

Note: NPs, PAs, DOMs, DC’s etc. should apply as technicians if their State Licensure does not define the ordering and interpretation of diagnostic studies as part of their scope of practice or if the applicant is only interested in obtaining Member Certification that speaks to the performance of Thermal Imaging studies.

Note: If a Non-Physician Member Certified Practitioner later applies for and achieves Physician member Certification, he/she should renew his/her next year’s annual membership as a Physician Member and pay the fee associated with the same.

Senior and Fellow Member Applicants

You must be Member Certified to apply for Senior or Fellow Membership.

AAT Members interested in applying for Senior of Fellow membership should review the requirements for each as listed under “Membership” in the AAT Bylaws.

Unlike member Certifications, once approved, Senior and Fellow Members do not have to reapply for re-credentialing.

Download the application for Senior Member or Fellow status here.  Payment instructions are detailed in the application.

Sanctioned Member Certification Qualification Courses

The AAT sanctions other organizations to conduct AAT Member Certification Qualification Courses.  If your organization desires the same the a formal request in writing to the AAT for approval of the same must be submitted to the AAT.   AAT sanctioning must occur in advance of the course offering. The core content of the course and post course testing procedures must comply with the AAT Member Certification Qualification Course policy. This requires advance planning and significant Course Director commitment. Parties interested in obtaining AAT sanctioning for a Member Certification Qualification Course are encouraged to contact the AAT.



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