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Take the next step toward AAT Membership status elevation!  Take an AAT Member Certification Course.

  • This course is held the day before AAT’s Annual Scientific Session and upon request for groups of three or more.  Read more about the session here.

Course Outline:

Brief Didactic Review On:
– Clinical Objective Criteria for Related NMSK Disorders (areas of specific interest will be audience focused)
– Vasomotor Mapping and Differential Diagnosis for NMSK Conditions
– Sympathetic Skin Response Generators Studies and RSD Look Alikes
– AAT Clinical Guidelines for the Use and Applications of NMSK Thermography
– Breast Thermography as Risk Health Assessment
– AAT Clinical Guidelines on Breast Thermography
– Thermography Applications in Oral Systemic Disorders
– AAT Clinical Guidelines on Oral-Systemic Thermography
– Review of NMSK, Breast, and Oral-Systemic Thermographic Test Protocols

Thermographic Report Format and Content:
– Thermographic Findings for NMSK studies
– Thermographic Findings for Breast studies
– Thermographic Findings for Oral-Systemic studies
– Thermographic Impressions for NMSK studies
– Thermographic Impressions for Breast studies
– Thermographic Impressions for Oral-Systemic studies
– Clinical Impressions for NMSK studies
– Clinical Impressions for Breast studies
– Clinical Impressions for Oral-Systemic studies
– Administrative and Office Based Thermography Issues:

• Third Party Coverage issues:
– Workers Compensation Coverage
– Professional Staffing and Training
– Professional Associations (American Academy of Thermology)
– Future Developments for Thermal Imaging

• Resource Materials to be Provided to Participants:
– Articles, Publications, Journals
– Certificate of Participation

Principal Faculty: Robert G. Schwartz, MD

Note: All payments are subject to the Cancellation and Change Policy as written below.

Physician Thermography Interpretation Course

Cost – $1650*

Non-Member Cost – $1900*

*Three person minimum.  Email us at contact@aathermology.org to schedule a course or for alternate pricing for groups of less than three.

Cancellation and Change Policy

To qualify for a refund, all cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to info@aathermology.org or via US Mail to: The American Academy of Thermology, 500 Duvall Drive, Greenville, SC, 29607.  Cancellation requests must be sent via email, or postmarked via US Mail, at least 45 days prior to the registered event.

Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone.  There is a $150.00 processing fee for all cancellations.   All refund requests that were paid for by charge card or PayPal are subject to transaction fees.

Last Modified: March 7, 2018