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Submitting to the Normal Atlas

Please carefully read the Atlas Submission Requirements and the Instructions for Submitting an Atlas Entry before submitting an Atlas entry.  It is important that you understand the rules and requirements to successfully have your entries accepted and published!

You must be registered and logged in to submit to the Atlas.

Submitting to the Normal Atlas

  1. Click on the link on the left side menu that says “Submit to Atlas of Normal Thermology”.
  2. In the dropdown, select the appropriate category.
  3. Give your entry a title that is informative to other Atlas users.
  4. Select your Featured Image.  Follow the instructions for accepted file types.  You image will be sized appropriately for the Atlas so you can upload larger files.  However, files that are too small (500 pixels wide and smaller) will not have much value for other Atlas users, so try to upload larger files.
  5. You may upload up to 8 additional images, again following the requirements for file types, and with good file sizes.  IMPORTANT: Upload additional images in the order you want them displayed.  If you need to to change the order after uploading your additional images, simply delete them and re-upload.
  6. Enter keywords that will help other Atlas users search and find your entry.
  7. Read the Terms & Conditions and check the box indicating that you will abide by said T&C’s.
  8. If you are satisfied with your Atlas entry, click the “Submit” button.  If you want to finish your Atlas entry at later time, you can click the “Save Draft” button.

The below screenshot indicates the steps above, click to enlarge.  The form itself contains important instructions such as max number of characters and more.



Working on your Atlas entry

Save Draft: If you saved your Atlas entry for completion at a later time, it will have the status of “Offline” until you click on the blue button at the bottom of the form to submit.  You can access your entry and complete it later by clicking on the link  in the left side menu that says “Your Atlas Submittals” and then clicking on the “Edit” option by the entry you wish to work on:

Submit: If you have finished your Atlas entry and clicked the “Submit” button, your entry will now go to the Atlas Editor who will approve or disapprove your entry.  While under review, your Atlas entry will have the status of “Awaiting Approval”.  While your Atlas entry is under review, you will not be able to edit it:


What happens next?

Approved: If your entry is approved, it will go live on the Atlas.  You will see the green “Live” status on your Atlas Dashboard.

Not Approved: If your entry is disapproved, you will receive an email from the Atlas Editor with instructions on what needs to be corrected.  The Atlas Editor will put your entry back into draft mode (see above) so you may make your corrections and resubmit.

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